1. Make a small team from your area to distribute the tasks and determine who signs up as the person responsible for this initiative and is willing to report the name and address to the municipality.

2. Determine your location: a central, traffic safe place in your village or city.

3. Notify authorities: hand in a written notification to your municipality (at least 48 hours before it takes place). An announcement to the police is not necessary but perhaps desirable. In doing so, explain the goal why you organize this: e.g. the need to help your fellow human beings. (Our download is in Dutch, please e-mail us for an English version)

4. Make it known: on social media channels, on information boards, in practical places in your area such as supermarket or food bank or other places where you expect your target group to be, and use printed flyers. Create a social media group (e.g. on Telegram) to gauge participation and, e.g. to make it clear who brings what.

5. Ask help: e.g. entrepreneurs for printing flyers or borrowing/renting party tent etc., but also to catering establishments or farmers for donating food. Volunteers for First Aid would have great added value, as well as helping volunteers for helping to build up and clean up again afterwards.

6. Connect: with other local initiatives such as “your local organisation for the homeless” so you can join forces and the attraction becomes greater.

7. Execute: Make a material list in advance of what you will need, possibly organise transportation such as trailer or van. Go to the location on time and decorate the whole with some party lights, make sure there is a shelter/ tent in case of rain/snow and shelter of the wind.

8. Keep it safe and tidy: take into account local residents and possibly noise nuisance, road safety and keep your location clean. Make sure you have some household items such as garbage bag, broom etc. to leave the place clean and a fire extinguisher and first aid resources in case they are necessary.

9. Conclusion: The initiative was successful when correct intention and positive energy are put into it. Even if only 1 family comes, or if much more soup is offered than collected, or the donations go home unprecedented (or to local food bank, for example): It is all about being compassionate.